When Your Writing Well Runs Dry: ways to get your brain flowing with ideas again

Writing / Saturday, December 23rd, 2017

For some people, brainstorming is grabbing a cup of cocoa, curling up next to the fire, and plotting out a whole novel in your head without breaking a sweat.

And for some… it’s days, weeks, sometimes months of stressfully thinking “HOW DO I DO THIS?!” and scrambling to come up with ideas.

Sometimes, our writing wells just won’t flow. Our brains won’t storm. And in those times our cocoa gets cold from sitting in our laps for so long while we try to squeeze some ideas from our brains.

Totally not fun (especially the cocoa part).


Well, my friends, have no fear! I’ve brainstormed (and not the fun kind) up some different ways you can get your writing well back in business if you’re stuck in an idea slump. You’re welcome. 😉


Eeep! I cannot explain how much I love writing prompts! It helps me SO much when I’m stuck in a rut. I oftentimes use Pinterest, though just searching Google for writing prompts is amazing, too.

Just for the record, here are some of my favorite writing prompts of all time. 🙂

(All prompts have been taken from Pinterest and are totally not mine.)


Sometimes, our wells run dry because we’ve been pushing ourselves too hard. For example; last week, I was stressed. I had 3 chapters I needed to write and send to alpha readers in the next 24 hours, and my writing well was dry. There was nothing. I didn’t have ideas or motivation to write at all.

I finally gave up – yes, I gave up – and took a break for a few days (of course telling my alphas that I was doing so). In less than four days, I was pumped up, my well was full, and I was ready to write as much as I possibly could!

It’s kinda like school – sometimes we just need a break to keep our sanity.


Observation: a writer’s best inspiration tool.

Sometimes, it’s really fun to take a notebook, sit, and observe the things around you for inspiration. During those times you can write down anything you see that inspires you  Here’s a few examples:

I’m in my bedroom, and I see a clock on my desk. Clocks sound cool in a futuristic book. What if there was a boy in the future who was the son of a clock maker? Or what if he was born with a clock inside of him, constantly ticking away?

My sister is in my room with me. She’s reading a book. There’s a window to the right of me as well. What if there was a girl who could walk through windows and come out in any book she wished?

Even by looking at normal, everyday things around you, you could come up with some pretty cool ideas for a new story or to keep your current story going.


I normally write in the genres of fantasy, futuristic, magical realism, sci-fi, and dystopian. I also LOVE to watch movies and read books in those genres because they inspire me SO much. Especially when I’m in a writing slump and but don’t feel like taking a break (sometimes, you just don’t) I’ll sit down with a book or movie and it’ll get me really inspired to start writing my book again.

I hope you enjoyed this post and that it helped you somehow! How do YOU fill your writing well again when it goes dry?


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