Saying Goodbye to 2017

Thoughts / Sunday, December 31st, 2017

I literally can’t do anything right now but gape at the calendar and scream.

Weeell…I am writing this post right now, but that’s beside the point. 😉

2017 IS GOING AWAY!! And now I’m super duper sad and happy all at the same time (emotions are overwhelming, guys)! 2017 was my good friend and I loved it and I wish it wouldn’t end for some reason??

I wish I could just run after 2017 and beg it to come back to me! I thought we were friends!!


But I also feel like 2018 is going to be a GREAT year and I’m excited to see what it’ll bring! Soooo many things have happened and are going to be happening and it’s just a bit overwhelming.

Sometimes I just want to run around like a chicken without a head that is overcome with overwhelming emotions.


As we bid farewell to our beloved 2017… here are some amazing and horrible and very complicated things that happened to me and changed my small little life over the past year. And then the things that will be happening.

In Twenty-Seventeen I…


…turned 13.

…launched this website.

…joined a Young Writer’s Community.

…gained two amazing mentors (Kiki and Abi).

…started working seriously on two novels.

…discovered my dream to be published.

…read over 50 amazing books.

…ate chocolate (this was the best one of all).


In Twenty-Eighteen I will…


…finish the first drafts of my novels.

…hopefully become a better writer.

…stop procrastinating so much.

…get closer to God.

…actually do all these things.

chat with me

what things happened to you in 2017? what things will you be attempting in 2018? a comment absolutely makes my day, and I would love to hear from you. <3

xoxo anika

4 Replies to “Saying Goodbye to 2017”

  1. Don’t worry, turning 14 will be FUN HEHE. And isn’t 13 awesome?? But 14 is awesome too, so don’t worry. XD I’m so sad to say goodbye to 2017 too! It was my best year ever WAAA. But 2018 will be awesome as well. XD

    Happy New Year, Anika! <3


  2. 2017 my health improved greatly, by God’s grace, more daily Bible reading, much prayer by so many, the encouragement of my Young Writers Workshop group, and the constant support of my incredible family. Onward and upward this 2018! Take a deep breath, and smile, my friend. And, have a great new year, Anika! 😀

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