8 Things Every Non-Bookdragon Should TOTALLY Say To Their Bookish Friends || or maybe not because we’re sensitive creatures

Books / Monday, February 5th, 2018

Being a non-bookdragon is HARD.

I mean, bookdragons* are super confusing people! We sit in hobbit holes all day and do absolutely NOTHING but read amazing things and cry our hearts out over characters that should not have died.

And then all the non-bookdragons have to go and deal with our tears and give us chocolate and hugs and try and fail to make us feel better.

It’s tough being normal.

life is hard.gif

And sometimes, they just don’t know what to say!! It’s easy to say the wrong things to us sensitive creatures and it can be nerve wracking.

Talking to a bookdragon is like being in an interview. Say the wrong thing and… well, you’re a goner.

To help all the non-bookdragons out there, I have compiled a list of things that you should TOTALLY** say to a bookworm because it’ll definitely make us not rip your heads off.


**Not. DO NOT SAY THESE THINGS I REPEAT DO NOT SAY. THESE. THINGS. Bookdragons know how to breathe fire so beware.


“Haven’t you already read that book?”

Bookdragons just LOVE this question. It makes them feel so understood! And bookdragons love feeling understood.

But don’t be surprised if we ask you not to be our friend anymore after you ask this question.


“Stop crying. No one actually died.”

Oh, no one died. Just my favorite character and my soul with him.

im dying


“You read too much.”


There’s no such thing as reading too much. It’s a beneficial thing and it grows our brains to be really smart and word-y.

It’s like saying “you do school too much”. And everyone knows how good doing lots of school is.


“Why do you read so many books? You forget everything about them anyway.”

It may seem that way on the outside but we always remember.

You see, there’s this little corner of a bookdragon’s brain that holds all the information about every book they’ve ever read.

It’s just a hard place to reach, thanks to our complicated brains.

thanks brain.gif


“You can’t marry a ficitional character.”

Believe it, folks.



“What’s your favorite book?”

*gets out never-ending list of favorite books and authors and characters*

Ahem. Number one–

Oh, you meant just one?

I’m sorry, the bookdragon is unavailable at this time. Please try asking the question again later or MAYBE NEVER AGAIN.


“I hate reading and books.”

Just… just don’t.

I mean, unless you want us to launch into a forty-five minute lecture about why reading is the best thing ever.


“Why do you stay up all night reading? You need to sleep.”


*cheers with Wesley*

I was born reading (truth, folks) and I will die reading thank you very much.

Bookdragons don’t need sleep – they’re DRAGONS AND DRAGONS ARE AWESOME AND THEY DO NOT SLUMBER.

chat with me

if you are a fellow bookdragon,what are some things that YOU just really really hate love to hear from non-bookish people? to those non-readers (we know you’re out there) do you find us bookdragons confusing? even i do sometimes and i’m one of them. ALSO i re-designed the blog and rewrote my pages so definitely check those out.

xoxo anika

11 Replies to “8 Things Every Non-Bookdragon Should TOTALLY Say To Their Bookish Friends || or maybe not because we’re sensitive creatures”

    1. *hugs* Sleep can be a good thing! (Unless I have an awesome series to finish reading, of course XD).
      *bows* Thank you! Bookworms are a thing of the past. Bookdragons have risen to power now!!

  1. ROAR!! Yes, Bookdragons all the way! FAV POST so far, Anika! I think this might be your longest post title, with the shortest answers, and the best GIFs, and it’s just pure awesome. I’m coming back to this when I’m having a hard day, because I know this will always make me smile! 😀 On to the wall of text, since I know you’re waiting for it, and I can’t help myself anymore.
    Booooooooks!! Other things we LOVE (not) hearing from non-book-people:
    ~ “Stop buying books!” or more specifically “You aren’t allowed to buy any more books!” (we were told this after our last move, and promptly defied it. Seriously, Books = loot, booty, plunder, riches, treasure, glory, get some or go home!)
    ~ Also, “I love that the movie, but never read the book it’s based on.” (What have you been doing with your life? Go read the book already!)


      Aww, thanks, Ruth! I’m glad you like it. XD Those are all very true. It has turned out to be one very complicated post.

      UGH yes!! Even if we’re broke, we NEED TO BUY BOOKS! I had to get rid of some of my books when we moved and I think it was the saddest thing ever.

      Ack, I know right!! The movie before the book?! Who would do such a preposterous thing?? It is a crime, a terrible, terrible crime.

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