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Moonlit Darkness

Drafted: Once

Genre: Fantasy

Word Count: 7,800

On her 18th birthday, Seren would have liked anything but a giant party hosted by her father. But that’s what she gets. So, in the dead of the night, she escapes to her secret garden behind the mansion, only to be sucked into another world with her best friend, James, and brother, Eddie. It turns out the garden holds more than just memories.

Stuck on a strangely magical island with nothing but the clothes on their backs, the three are forced through countless dangers – and a band of pirates! – to find their way back home. And when they finally feel that they’re almost home, tragedy strikes at its darkest hour, flipping everything around completely.

In this magical story full of pirates, mermaids, and pixie dust, you can learn the true reason for the rivalry between Pan and Hook from the ancestors themselves.



Drafted: Once

Genre: Dystopian/Magical Realism

Word Count: 15,000

Raven’s childhood wasn’t normal. Normal kids didn’t have their father’s murdered in front of them. Most kids weren’t abducted and held in a lab for six weeks. And most kids weren’t later sent to live with their abusive uncle. But Raven wasn’t “most kids”. She was Gifted.

When a walk home from work turns into an escape from the police and, the next morning, being kidnapped by the President, Raven is suddenly brought into the light about her past, present, and future.

Now, Raven’s a part of a group of spies and agents located under the Statue of Liberty as they work undercover to demolish the President’s plot to change the world as they know it.

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